HAIL THE GHOST are a three-piece Alternative band from Ireland; formed in early 2014 by singer/songwriter Kieran O'Reilly, hail the ghost comprises of: Éamonn Young (Guitars), Ian Corr (Piano/Keys) and kieran o'reilly (vocals, drums, guitars). their debut album, "forsaken" was written & recorded over the course of  year with Kieran O'Reilly producing the record Alongside Martin Quinn of Jam Studios, Kells, Co. Meath. "FORSAKEN", was released on March 6th 2015 to critical acclaim. hail the ghost's sound hosts a prevalent brooding ambience intertwined with elegant piano, baritone vocals and a luring understated alt-rock quality.

Hail the ghost also released two singles from the album, "colony of ants" (february 6th 2015) and "headstoned" (december 5th 2014).

for live shows, the band are aided by gavin mulhall (drums), paul higgins (guitars) and martin quinn of jam studios (bass). 


“Of all the albums from Irish Artists to be released this spring, the most anticipated in Ceol Collective is ‘Forsaken’ by Hail The Ghost. The second single, ‘Colony of Ants’ is a force of indie rock goodness with awesome vocals”.
— Ceol Collective
I can honestly say it’s one of the best new songs from an Irish band I’ve heard in a while. It has that reflective indie rock quality but there’s something about the great writing and music that really makes this song stand out
— Joe Donnelly TXFM
Team Hot Press is mightily impressed with the debut single from Hail The Ghost, ‘Headstoned’, which has a mean ‘n’ moody thing going on not dissimilar to The National
— Hot Press
The alternative rock trio mix elements of The National, Interpol and Whipping Boy to create a brooding sound
— Golden Plec
Hail The Ghost are a refreshing breath of Indie air for us to inhale, absorb and appreciate
— Dublin Concerts